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Welcome to Hickory Fountain Green Baseball. This is my 16th year involved with Hickory-Fountain Green Baseball and 2nd as your Director.  While many things have changed over the years, one constant has been HFG Baseball’s emphasis on providing the best possible atmosphere for our players to learn the great game of baseball while also making memories that will last a lifetime.

The strength of our program lies with the many Moms and Dads who volunteer to coach each season.  These folks spend hundreds of hours of their time both on and off the diamond prepping for games and practices so that we can provide the best possible experience for our 500 plus players. Without folks willing to sacrifice their free time and taking on the coaching roles, the program would not be what it is today.  So I wanted to extend a Big Thank You to all our coaches and volunteers, you are truly the unsung heroes of Hickory-Fountain Green Baseball.

At its core, baseball is a game, so our number one priority is to make the season FUN for all of the kids in our program. We strive to keep things simple for our players, introducing new concepts each year to help build not only a player’s skills but their knowledge of the game as well. We further believe that SAFETY is a crucial part of making the game fun and rewarding.  We never want to see anyone hurt and we have tried to develop rules and procedures that will allow the players to be safe while still testing the limits of their abilities.

To achieve our goals, we try to set high standards of behavior for everyone involved in HFG Baseball.  We trust that all our coaches and volunteers are committed to acting in such a way that they’ll promote the physical and emotional development of all the children in our program. To emphasize this, all coaches commit to strict adherence to our Coaches Code of Conduct and they go into the season knowing that it is the safety, development, and most of all the enjoyment of all kids that must take precedence over all other priorities.

We also have expectations for the parents in our program and want all parents to contribute toward fostering the type of atmosphere that will be conducive to achieving our goals and making the season a positive experience not only for their own child but for every kid who takes the field this year.  To help spell out what our expectations are, we long ago developed a Parents Code of Conduct that will help everyone understand what is expected.   Introduced back in 2009, these commitments to excellence among our players, coaches and parents continue to create productive, safe, and fun seasons year after year.  Details are available on our website – http://www.hfg-baseball.com.

In 2017, we fielded 36 in-house teams, ranging in age from our 4-6 tee ball group to our hard hitting 13-15 year olds.  The season kicked off back in April with our very soggy Opening Day Festivities and kept going thru the last out around Father’s Day.  Over those two plus months of play we learned a lot about the great game of baseball, we made new friends, and had a great time playing America’s pastime.  Season ending championship tournaments for the older age groups and All Star games at Ripken Stadium were a fitting cap to another tremendous in-house season.

Our Hickory Hornets travel program had another great year in 2017 as well.  We fielded 11  teams across multiple age groups.  Many of the teams had significant accomplishments including high placed finishes in league play and terrific showings in a multitude of tournaments.  Special recognition is due for our 10U Black team which won the 2017 Maryland State Championship at their age group – Way to go Hornets!

We know that there are a lot of recreation councils you could play in and we thank you for choosing Hickory Fountain Green Baseball. We are very proud of the many HFG players who have gone on to contribute successfully to the local high school sports programs over the years and we like to think that part of that success comes from the foundation that is built right here in Hickory Fountain Green Baseball.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me. My information is on the website and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.  Well that’s enough About Us, guess there’s only one thing left to say and that’s PLAY BALL !!

Chuck Marzen
Hickory-Fountain Green Baseball Director

Hickory - Fountain Green Baseball Board Members

Chuck Marzen, Director

email: hfg.baseball@gmail.com

phone: 443-807-0457

Keith Sellers, Assistant Director

email: commishm@aol.com

phone: 410-207-4320

Dan Leon, Travel Coordinator

email: danieleon13@hotmail.com

phone: 443-286-9582

Jeremy Wockenfuss, Umpire Coordinator

email: hickoryumpires@gmail.com

phone: 443-415-6036

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